frequently Asked questions

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions received when individuals stop by the office.

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Where can I obtain a floodplain permit?

Currently, the Meigs County Soil and Water Conservation District is handling requests relating to FEMA Floodplain permitting within the County. The Meigs Soil and Water Conservation District is located at 113 East Memorial Drive in Pomeroy, Ohio. If the project is located within Village corporation limits, that respective Village may handle the appropriate permitting. 

How do I obtain a new address?

Stop by the map office during normal operating hours and complete the new address form. In order to generate a new address, the proposed location of the new structure/drive will be needed. Once the location is mapped, the new address can be given to you, usually during your time in the office. 

Do you have a list of current surveyors?

While there are limited surveyors in the immediate area, we have compiled a list of surveyors that have previously performed work in the County. It is located within this page. Clicking here will direct you to the list of surveyors we currently have. 

Can i get copies of MAPS printed at the map office?

Yes! If you are in the office and in need of a physical copy, those can be provided for a fee. The fee is $2/page for letter and legal size copies and $5/page for large-size prints. 


Short answer is, there could be. The tax map office starting requiring surveys for property splits in 1994. If the work was performed after 1994, there is a good chance it is available to review or have copies of. Additionally, a section of this website has been dedicated to surveys received over the years. Clicking here will direct you to the Survey Archive. Additionally, by accessing the Interactive GIS Map Portal and zooming to your parcel, if it is shaded blue, a survey is available and can be opened by clicking on the parcel and clicking the 'Survey URL' field within attributes.

Is there a chance more than one survey exists for my property?

Yes, there is a chance more than one survey exists for your property. In this event, the survey would remain in our Survey Archive, which can be accessed by clicking here. This survey archive contains all surveys that have been received and reviewed in the Tax Map Office, since 1994, when surveys were required for splits. Additionally, there are times when a survey was completed, but not recorded. Those surveys are located within each Township Section/Fraction's respective Survey Archive folder. If after you review the Interactive GIS Map Portal and realize a survey is not linked correctly with the parcels, but you know one has been performed, please reach out to us to let us know and we will review.

is the auditor parcel number the same as the engineering parcel number?

No. These numbers are different based on the different systems used to maintain the data within each office. The Engineering Parcel number (EPN), often displayed as Book-Page-Parcel, reflect original townships (Book), sections/fractions (Page), and parcel boundaries. The Meigs County Auditor's site (linked in the menu) has worked to maintain a sense of linking Auditor and Engineering Parcel Numbers together, by including a 'Map Number' at the top of their parcel information. Please note, these numbers do not always match as records have been updated in splits. This map number is what is reflected in the Interactive GIS Portal. Users can search for the Map Number by typing the Book, Page, and Parcel separated with dashes keeping in line with typical annotations in the map office.  Any leading zeroes should be included in the search to obtain results. An example would be 12-005-0009.

How do i obtain a building permit in the county?

There are many options available to obtain the building permit. You can find it linked here. It can also be picked up from the Tax Map Office, the Auditor's office, or on the Meigs County Auditor's website. The application is geared toward a Notice of Building Improvement or New Construction. Respective Villages may have additional permitting requirements. Commercial/industrial projects should additionally follow State guidelines for proper permitting.

Why can I not find a deed reference as called out in the grantee sheets?

If the deed reference is from 'Deed Book', there may be additional steps to be able to locate the deed. After clicking the 'Online Deed Search' button in the menu and arriving at the Compiled Technologies database, click the 'Image Search' button, select Deed Book from the drop-down menu, and search by Volume/Page.